The Left Behind Foundation

Offering a vital lifeline to left behind children in some of the world’s most desperate areas.

Our most urgent focus

The Lifeline Projects

We work alongside and on the part of the forgotten children who every day struggle to free themselves from poverty, exploitation, disease and a lack of the most basic human needs.

We are currently raising funds to support our Lifeline Projects. These are 4 immediate areas of concern in 4 different countries – China, Bangladesh, Syria and Yemen. For various reasons these 4 countries are currently experiencing unprecedented and ever-worsening numbers of left behind, refugee and orphaned children. We aim to positively and enduringly change the lives of as many as possible.

Behind the foundation

The motivation behind establishing the Left Behind Foundation was simply realisation.


Help us change the future for those who may otherwise be forgotten.

Soon we will be needing extra hands and hearts to help us with our mission. Click below to stay up to date on developing projects and how you can help.

Get in touch

Please get in touch if you have any questions or ideas or would simply like to know more about the work we do.