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Creating a positive change for every orphaned child on Earth.

About us

Our Story

The Left Behind Foundation was born of a desire among several friends to help some of the most impoverished and desperate orphaned children around the world. Co-Founder Billy Eldridge, was working across China and experienced first hand the struggles that rural orphans face on a daily basis. This placed the seed amongst Billy and his friends to make a collective effort to attacking the worldwide issue of left behind children. Whether it is displacement from war torn areas, the unexpected backlash of rural-urban migration or abusive parents, we will be there to give those left behind a vital lifeline.

With the combination of youthful energy and professional networks, we believe we have the best chance of creating a long-lasting and successful foundation that realistically can bring a vital lifeline to children around the globe, for generations to come.

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Providing support for orphaned children in the most desperate regions of our planet.

Vision. All children deserve the levels of support and care necessary to experience a quality of life. No child should want for basic human needs.

Mission. Our foundation will strive to provide aid to as many of the estimated 50 million uprooted, displaced, forgotten and left behind children as possible. Together with partner organisations we will offer support that is readily available and adaptable to orphans across the globe.

From providing financial aid to offer daily meals, to providing equipment that gives orphans a better chance of an education, we will offer an essential lifeline to some of the worlds most neglected children.

Values. At the Left Behind Foundation, We hold ourselves accountable for using our resources responsibly, achieving measurable results, and being transparent with supporters, partners and, most of all, the children.

We vow to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and personal conduct, to never compromise our reputation, and to always act in the best interests of the children.

Raising funds

What we’re focusing on

We are raising funds to implement some of our own projects, these include; early years and higher education programmes, sustainable crop and clean water programmes, financial relief programmes and above all to improve the general wellbeing of as many young lives we can.

We are also looking to form partnerships with other established foundations worldwide and will strive to provide aid on some of their ongoing projects.