Project Overviews

Our projects will lead the way for change in the most desperate of areas for generations to come.

Our immediate focus

Join us today in helping children in the most desperate areas around the world.

We are currently dedicating a large portion of our resources to help the 50 million child refugees worldwide. In places like Syria and Yemen, war has taken almost everything children need to survive, even their parents. We aim to offer support that will not only help prevent more children being abandoned, but also support the millions that are already struggling to survive.


The Bangladesh Lifeline Project

If their own swollen population wasn’t putting enough strain on the poverty-stricken country, hundreds of thousands of refugees are seeking refuge from the conflict in Myanmar.

Working closely with CPHG, we plan to offer support for the children that have to struggle everyday to find a meal and clean water.

There is estimated to be over 150 million orphans around the world. 1.2 million of those are trafficked children. 100,000+ are child soldiers. 12% are due to HIV.

It is time to stop this.


The Rural Lifeline Project

In the rural areas of China, there are a predicted 104 million children that were left to fend for themselves. Weekly, there are mass graves discovered due to a child not being able to support all of their other siblings.

Left Behind Foundation plans to allocate resources that will support the rehabilitation of these rural villages to offer the best support system for these children.


The Syria Lifeline Project

More than 8 million Syrian children are in immediate need of aid. Over 2 million of those children are refugees, most left behind with no parents to look after them. 6 years in to the war, there are no signs conditions will get better for the children anytime soon.

We plan to direct our resources to partners that are inside Syria, especially to the refugee camps and orphanages.


The Yemeni Lifeline Project

Already the poorest country in the Middle East – has deteriorated into a living nightmare where children starve to death daily. Extreme hunger and disease are killing an estimated 130 children in Yemen every day.

We will strive to ensure our resources are used to feed as many of these children as we can.