Our Projects

We hope that our projects will lead the way for change in the most desperate of areas for generations to come.

Our immediate focus

We will dedicate a large portion of our resources towards helping some of the estimated 50 million uprooted child refugees worldwide. In places like Syria and Yemen, war has deprived children of almost everything they need to survive, including their parents. We will offer support that will prevent more children from being left behind.

Our initial focus will be our 4 Lifeline Projects.


The Bangladesh Lifeline Project

Since mid 2017 hundreds of thousands of Rohingya people have fled Myanmar for refugee camps over the border in Bangladesh. An estimated 400,000 of these are children. Many of their makeshift and rudimentary shelters are at great risk of flooding ahead of the approaching monsoon season.

This is exacerbating the strain on an already swollen population and poverty-stricken country. Something must be done.

Working in partnership with the CPHG Foundation, we plan to offer support to these refugee children who struggle daily with malnutrition, disease and desperate living conditions.

There is estimated to be over 150 million orphans around the world. 1.2 million of those are trafficked children. 100,000+ are child soldiers.

It is time to stop this.


The Rural Lifeline Project

In the rural areas of China, there are estimated to be between 60 and 70 million left behind children. This has become an epidemic of epic proportions. Malnutrition, disease and the discoveries of mass graves are tragically weekly occurrences all over rural China.

We will allocate funds that will support orphaned and left behind children in these rural villages to offer food, shelter and most importantly, a vital lifeline.


The Syria Lifeline Project

More than 8 million Syrian children are in immediate need of aid. Over 2 million of them are refugees, mostly orphaned with no means of sustaining themselves. Now 7 years into the civil war, there are no signs conditions will improve for Syrian children anytime soon.

We will be working with established organisations that are currently operating in Syria, in order to direct funds to where they are needed most, specifically refugee camps and orphanages.


The Yemen Lifeline Project

Already the poorest country in the Middle East – Yemen has become further obliterated by regular airstrikes and bombings. The civil war has left more than 11 million children in need of humanitarian assistance. In 2017 more than 50,000 Yemeni children died of preventable causes. Extreme hunger and disease are still claiming the lives of an estimated 130 children every day.

We will be doing our part to provide financial support to as many of these children as possible, working alongside Yemeni humanitarian support groups to distribute food and deliver basic healthcare.